The Empowered Matriarch - What Led Me Here

Many clients ask me how long I have been doing what I do, and how I became a neuropsychologist practicing the empowerment of women and moms to reclaim their purpose and transform their life and family. 

To answer this question, it’s probably best that I share with you a defining moment and a resulting “compelling story”, that brought me to where I am today – coaching people like you on exactly what to do to reclaim your purpose, manifest and renew your spirit and ultimately transform your life and family. That defining moment in my life did not happen all at once, but rather a journey that started consciously for me after the birth of my first child in 2012, which led me on a path to transformational healing and lasting change.

I am a successful entrepreneur who built my business from grass roots over a decade ago and haven’t looked back. I will often say my practice was my first born, an entity that I envisioned, nurtured and cultivated over time. Throughout this time, I have developed expertise working with children, specifically within the context of learning, developmental, social and emotional disorders. It was through this work that I found my passion for supporting and empowering mothers who were struggling to help their children, searching for someone to listen, and seeking answers to their questions. I began to notice two patterns in my work with these mothers. For starters, many moms lost confidence in trusting their internal voice, what I refer to often as your “internal navigation system”.  Countless times, I would find that my ultimate assessment of the child was very much in alignment with the mother’s initial impressions during the first clinical interview. While they did not have the background to label such observations diagnostically, their layman terminology echoed something very similar to my ultimate impressions. It was quite evident that these mothers truly understood the needs of their child.


More Of My personal Story

While the work I was hired to do in these situations was to provide assessment and therapeutic support for the child, I found myself (countless times) working with the mother, either simultaneously or afterward. The work oftentimes was geared toward being a support system for these women and empowering them to tap into their internal instincts. Our work oftentimes progressed into broader concepts beyond the child, such as the tribulations of motherhood in all its forms, the challenges faced by mothers who were juggling work and family, the years of dedication to their children and families at the cost of losing their own way and endless acts of selflessness leaving many of those mothers feeling depleted, lost, insecure and disconnected from their former self. Thus, I began to notice the second pattern of struggle. Working with these mothers, we began to focus on them and them ONLY. Without even realizing it, the work revolved around helping these mothers reclaim their purpose through a combination of recalibrating and renewing their spirit and psyche.

With full transparency, I too have had my struggles as a mother and motherhood has been one of the most rewarding yet challenging experiences I have ever encountered (and still going strong). I may specialize in psychology, I may have earned a Ph.D., but I am still learning, each and every day about myself and the world around me. On many days, I am still a mother trying to survive, trying her best and, yes, some days second guessing herself too. However, through my professional work and my own spiritual journey, I have experienced the struggle but also the transformation for myself (as well as with the mothers I have worked with). A strong believer in the combination of spirituality, science and psychology, I have found harmony with this trifecta during my darkest moments, as well as when working with my patients. While a strong support system is important, the work starts within YOU. No one but yourself can unlock that door that leads to your inner peace and purpose. I often think of the airplane analogy and how you are told to place the oxygen mask on yourself first before you help someone else. This is THAT! As women and mothers, we must reframe our thinking. Being in touch with and good to ourselves does not mean we have to abandon our careers, children and/or our families. Guilt and harmful preconditioned terms about motherhood have been engrained into our mindset, sometimes passed on as a rite of passage from one generation to the next and sometimes self-inflicted. This does not mean you come first and your family second, rather, it is about valuing yourself and finding ways to honor your needs without feeling guilty. As women, we are truly magnificent beings and we must honor that.


I Was on a Mission to Find Answers


I spoke earlier about consciously being on the path after the birth of my first daughter, but truth be told, I can remember being a young child and being drawn to metaphysical work, psychology, spirituality and seeking answers beyond more traditional means of learning. I had veered on and off the path until after the birth of my first child, which led me to one of the most challenging experiences of my life. To put it simply, while the conception and birth of my first beautiful daughter had been my greatest accomplishment, it was also a trigger to many health issues that had been dormant until that time. The stress of pregnancy on my body, the loss of my husband’s mother to cancer and the stressors of family and work life left me depleted and struggling to understand why my body, with the ability to create something so beautiful as another life, had begun to fail me. What I had come to realize was, it was not failing me, it was working overtime to protect me. I only realized that in hindsight.

For the next few years, I was on a mission to find answers, which became more like a full  time job, which particularly took off after struggling to conceive my second beautiful daughter. From late 2014 to 2016, I struggled to conceive my second child. I realize now that my desire to have her was a critical impasse in terms of the focus and evolution of my work and being in this moment with you. When I could not conceive, I reached out to any professional who could tackle a different angle of my health issues, hoping they had some insight. I spoke to dozens of doctors in all areas of medicine, I purchased books and navigated the internet, I enlisted the help of mediums, shamans and intuitives. You name it, I did it. I actually recall one doctor suggesting that most of it was possibly in my head and that there was nothing “wrong” with me per se. I thought, I am  a psychologist, shouldn’t I know that? That appointment was a tough one. My husband and I walked outside and panic ensued. I could not believe I was so lost and felt so helpless. How could this be possible? How could no one have the answers? Was it me? Why was my body struggling in general to fight off illnesses and to conceive? My husband, bless his heart, embraced me and reassured me we would find the answers. The truth was, my gut, my internal navigation system was telling me something needed to be done, that it wasn’t in my head, and without truly realizing it, that is what kept me going. In hindsight, this “feeling” is one of the pillars of the work we will do together. Something many of us have become disconnected from.

When I was finally blessed with the conception of my second daughter, it was after years of struggle and multiple rounds of medical interventions. However, that was not the answer. That was not the way we ultimately conceived her. Rather, it was the ultimate help and commitment of my dream team of an alternative medicine doctor (who ultimately diagnosed autoimmune issues) and healers in many forms, when I began to realize that the power was within me. I had to work on healing myself (on the inside), not just in the physical sense, but in the spiritual and metaphysical sense. I nourished my mind, body and soul. I learned a lot about gratitude, acceptance and forgiveness. I prayed, practiced healing rituals, nurtured by body through prayer and meditation and learning the healing power of plants. I had finally found peace. It was like nothing I had ever experienced, it was an authentic state of euphoric peace. The only way I can describe it is being on a spiritual high. It was then, that my body, despite the autoimmunities, despite the statistics that my chances of conception were unrealistic (and yes many doctors had told me to move on and consider other means of conception), I woke one morning feeling very different. While I had liberated myself from the concept of having to have another child to feel fulfilled, I woke up with an overwhelming internal presence of another beings energy and spirit within me. This feeling is like nothing I can describe in words. No more than two weeks pregnant, I felt the presence of my second precious child. I had one pregnancy test left over from the hundreds of others that always resulted in disappointment. Having come so far in my journey and accepting that our life was full enough with my beautiful daughter, I decided to take the test. Without having any expectations, I was overcome with joy and shock when it was positive. I screamed for my husband who came up the stairs. I did not say a word and showed him the results. As our eyes filled up with tears, I knew in this moment, I had truly learned a lesson about the power of the mind, body and spirit. Now, it is my turn to share, inspire, lead, and empower. I am now ready to expand my work and empower women and moms to reclaim their purpose, manifest and renew their spirit and ultimately transform their life and family no matter what your individual needs are. I hope you will join me on this incredible journey and that we can learn and grow together.

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